What needs to change to build a true circular economy

AJ Gonzalez | February 24, 2022

GreenBiz, By Linda Lacina Digital Editor, Green Economic Forum, February 18, 2022

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New processes will benefit from the circular economy. This approach to redesigning, producing and using goods looks to eliminate waste, circulate materials and regenerate nature.

  1. Build ‘hubs’ for circular innovation
  2. Design new, circular business models
  3. Design for circularity
    1. For consumer products (such as clothing): Shifting from textile blends that can’t be separated and towards natural fibers or blends that lend themselves to be cycled.
    2. For consumer electronics: Designing products with less raw materials and using more recycled plastics or parts, and designing for disassembly.
    3. For capital equipment producers: Designing for serviceability, upgradability, modularity and refurbishment.
  4. Share data & Reinvent infrastructure
  5. Drive investment towards early-stage innovation
  6. Circular economy will make repair easier

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