Returns Done Right.

ReturnCenter is Onepak’s global logistics platform that changes the dynamics of the fragmented reverse logistics industry. By connecting shippers, receivers, carriers and their IT service platform tools in a collaborative online ecosystem, organizations can book and track both parcel and freight shipments from any zip code in any state. Plus, all services are carbon neutral.

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Stress-Free Shipping
ReturnCenter makes it simple to pack and ship anything from a single laptop to dozens of laptops, desktops, large copiers, and even entire data centers and offices. When you need to return equipment to a leasing company, ship to a donation partner, ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company, or you need to get IT equipment back from a remote user, you deserve an easy process with clear visibility and proof of delivery.

Box Program
Businesses use our box program to collect IT equipment from remote users. Perfect for employee offboarding or field service reps, simply choose your box size, enter the pickup address and destination address, and a perfect-sized box and pre-paid return label are sent to your user. Track it all on your ReturnCenter dashboard. Learn more.

ServiceNow Integration
Developed for ServiceNow hardware asset managers who need to move assets with a transparent chain of custody, the ServiceNow ReturnCenter App enables hardware asset managers to schedule, track and report on transportation of hardware assets right within the ServiceNow platform. Learn more.

  • End-to-end chain of custody
  • Onsite everywhere
  • 100% carbon neutral

ReturnCenter Streamlines Your Processes

The ReturnCenter platform provides complete visibility into chain of custody, access to a customizable network of trained logistics partners, and a scalable platform on which to manage all your leased equipment, lessees, and IT hardware service vendors.

  • Exclusively carbon neutral shipments
  • Founded by a team of experts in reverse logistics
  • National logistics coverage for every US zip code
  • Managed over 2 billion pounds of collected returns

ReturnCenter is ideal for any organization that owns or leases equipment, leasing service companies, financing companies, OEMs. Those needing an easy-to-manage, professional way to manage IT equipment can benefit from ReturnCenter’s easy to use system and holistic approach to accountability.


  • Management dashboard
  • Tracking and notification
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Scalability & consistency
  • Sustainability reporting
  • National logistics coverage


  • Billing and revenue sharing
  • Partner Integration
  • Receiving addresses
  • Routing criteria
  • Report settings
  • Automation rules

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