Logistics Services

Organizations benefit from a partnership with a trusted reverse logistics provider who can exceed their requirements. Onepak’s logistics services have helped manage over 2 billion pounds of returns and is completely carbon neutral. From simple equipment pickups to complex full-service packing, tagging, and monitoring, you will find Onepak’s logistics services meet your every need. Our logistics partners cover the entire United States including Alaska and  Hawaii, and select global locations. By tapping into this partner network, you can scale the first and last mile pickup/delivery capacity in any zip code nationwide.

Trained national work force

Demand for skilled drivers that can pick up and deliver sophisticated high-tech assets is more important than ever. Onepak’s logistics partner drivers and warehouse personnel are certified with our specially designed training modules before they handle any equipment. This ensures that your pickup in New York, NY will be handled with the same care and thorough processes as your pickup in Cottage Grove, OR. Onepak’s logistics services are underscored by consistency and professionalism, whether they assist you with one asset, or thousands of assets.

trained national work force in Onepak's logistics services

Onepak’s logistics services

White Glove Onsite Packing

Our skilled drivers are trained to handle your valuable electronics, using quality packing materials and methods to ensure that your items are well-protected throughout the entire transportation process, from packing to delivery. The Onepak Driver App lets them easily log each and every device collected and packed, and you can review and sign off on the shipment before they leave. For extra peace of mind, we can physically tag each asset prior to packing and give you a list of every tag before we leave; allowing you to confirm receipt of each and every tagged asset after final delivery.

White glove logistics services with Onepak are personalized and seamless, making it easier than ever to schedule pickups and deliveries of your organization’s IT assets for disposition, lease return, offboarding, recycling or redeployment. Shipments are completely transparent, services are 100% carbon neutral, and best of all, everything is tracked on your ReturnCenter dashboard.

Technology put to work for you

Every one of our trained logistics partners is equipped with our proprietary mobile app technology. This app provides reminders and step-by-step instructions on packing and taking inventory and allows the customer to review the collected asset list before the driver leaves. The result is an improved customer experience and time savings for you.

The Onepak Dock Manager system integrates an easy-to-use, cloud-based TMS with scanning capabilities. After scanning the last asset delivered to the dock, your dock manager simply uploads the data to the Onepak cloud and your job is tracked from beginning to end!

mobile app in Onepak’s logistics services

Collaborative logistics platform

Onepak’s logistics platform lets you take control of all aspects of your reverse logistics.

  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Logistics Order Tracking
  • Logistics Partner Routing
  • Order Management
  • SLA Management
  • Partner Performance
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • Asset Pricing & Estimating

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