ServiceNow Integration

Increase the power of ServiceNow with the ReturnCenter App

If your business uses ServiceNow to monitor and track IT hardware use across your organization, the ReturnCenter app can help you manage the decommissioning of IT hardware. The ServiceNow ReturnCenter app enables ServiceNow users to schedule, track and report on transportation of hardware assets right within ServiceNow. Set up specific service and billing programs for internal or external partners.

For ServiceNow Users

  • Schedule and track IT shipments right in ServiceNow
  • Access shipping programs offered by third parties (eg: ITAD providers) *NEW
  • Bill shipping services to other departments or divisions *NEW
  • Create programs for specific services, limited users, or specific destinations  *NEW
  • Customize programs for unique use cases like lease returns, employee returns, donations, etc. *NEW
  • Select specific assets to ship, either in ServiceNow (eg: for lease returns) or not in ServiceNow
  • Enjoy a consistent, high standard of service nationwide
  • Track every shipment, from a single package to multiple truckloads
  • Get a transparent chain of custody

Trying the app is free and easy. Visit the ServiceNow Store, type “ReturnCenter” in the top search bar and click Search. Then just follow the instructions to request the app. We’re here if you need us.

For IT Asset Disposition Companies

  • ReturnCenter app provides an electronic bridge to your customers using ServiceNow (You don’t need to build API integrations with each customer)
  • Offer customers ability to schedule and track shipping services within ServiceNow *NEW
  • Maintain existing shipping and billing agreements with your customers *NEW
  • Take advantage of trained and certified logistics partners in every US zip code
  • Monitor incoming shipments on ReturnCenter dashboard or your own (API available)
  • Customers can identify specific assets to be shipped so you know what to expect


ReturnCenter Shipping Services Include

  1. Carbon-neutral shipping from and to any zip code
  2. Onsite packing & tagging
  3. Pallet pickups (LTL & FTL)
  4. Remote employee returns / box program
  5. Certified, trained logistics partners
  6. Online dashboard to manage shipments and users (with Proof of Pickup & Proof of Delivery)


Use Cases

  1. A company has remote workers across the United States. When employees are offboarded, the Human Resources department uses ReturnCenter in ServiceNow to recover employee equipment. HR has access to one service, Boxes and Labels, and all shipments are billed to the HR department. The remote employee address is entered, a box and label are sent to collect the laptop, and the destination is automatically set to be sent to their IT department or vendor.


  1. An IT asset manager needs to manage different types of equipment returns that are billed to different billing parties. She can create a program for lease returns that is billed to her company’s Operations division, and she can have a different program to book shipments to an IT asset disposition provider that will be billed to that partner as part of their existing agreement.


  1. In order to maximize their investments, a healthcare organization moves equipment between hospitals as one hospital’s need for a device decreases and another’s need increases. The hospital administrator can move assets from one hospital to another and bill the appropriate organization.

Now, it is easier than ever to schedule pickups and deliveries of your organization’s IT assets for disposition, lease return, offboarding, recycling or redeployment. Shipments are completely transparent, services are 100% carbon neutral, and best of all, everything is tracked within your ServiceNow platform.


Additional benefits:

  • Take control of asset transport with or without HAM or HAM Pro
  • Dashboard tracking and reporting on all hardware shipments including scheduled and actual pickup dates, actual delivery dates, and historical data
  • Demonstrate compliance that every asset is accounted for and securely packed (and received!).
  • Reduce risk of damage or loss in transit
  • Standardized workflows, professional onsite packing and pickup services anywhere in the US
  • Trained and credentialed transportation partners
  • Professional-grade shipping boxes and return labels for employee offboarding
  • Available carbon offset data from carbon neutral packaging and shipments to help reach your ESG or net-zero goals.

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