Thriving through Tough Times

Shawn Stockman | October 7, 2020

OnePak continues to grow. As demand for our services increases, we are adding local partners to our asset recovery network, adding staff to our operations, customer service, design, and technology teams, and expanding the infrastructure it takes to support this growth.

How can this be? OnePak’s business model is not traditional: it is a platform company that connects all stakeholders in a reverse (or loop) logistics process.

Just as a travel website connects a consumer to many travel services, OnePak connects a business returning assets for resale or recycling with related services: the equipment buyers, logistics providers, and receiving facilities. OnePak’s cloud-based system provides one place for all the transactional data to be accessed by all stakeholders.

Companies using OnePak to ship assets consider us a logistics provider. To others accessing data to comply with producer responsibility regulations view us as a data provider.

We are both: a facilitator of logistics services and a gateway to the data related to those services. Whatever you want to call us, we are in high demand, and we are built to grow…any time.

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