The Circular Economy Drives All Industries Forward

AJ Gonzalez | February 24, 2022

Fast Company, 2/2/22, BY DYLAN TAYLOR 4 MINUTE READ

In the emerging private space sector, the adoption of the circular economy shows promise for all industries.

  • Closed-Loop Systems in Space Support Sustainability
    • The 5R-compliant system converts wastes from plants and ISS crew members to resources like water, oxygen, and nitrates to fertilize more plants aboard the space station.
  • Space CE Comes to Earth
    • MELiSSA’s capability to 100% reuse resources in space has found its way into Earth-based applications and can assist industry players in addressing SDG goals while transitioning into a more sustainable world.
  • An Integrated Circular Economy Framework
    • Now that upstream and downstream space agencies have united toward new operating models, the increasing overlap of value chains can translate into these other industries.

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