Shawn Stockman Interviewed in Customized Logistics & Delivery Magazine

Jacki Elwell | July 28, 2022

Onepak Vice President of Sustainability Solutions Shawn Stockman was recently interviewed in CLDA magazine discussing how to create a more inclusive culture for teams. Touting the benefits of CLDA’s training, Stockman said, “We are all in this together. Covid showed us how fragile our economies are and how interdependent we are as individuals and as companies and communities, on people from all walks of life and cultures. There is no business that can’t benefit from a better educated workforce around diversity and inclusion.”

Under Shawn’s guidance, Onepak was one of the first companies to offer this training to its team members. With its focus on being an authentic ESG-driven company, Onepak is committed to diversity and inclusion. Read the interview below, or visit this link.

CLDA Mag: Tell us about your company and your role there.

Stockman: I am the Vice President of Sustainability Solutions at OnePak. We are a reverse logistics platform company that provides carbon-neutral logistics for asset recovery and other circular economy challenges.

CLDA Mag: Why did your company decide to participate in the training?

Stockman: We are an ESG-driven company, and diversity and inclusion training is a
critical part of that strategy.

CLDA Mag: What was your reaction to the training?

Stockman: I liked the use of real people rather than actors, giving a variety of authentic viewpoints mixed in with lessons learned.

CLDA Mag: Why was that important to your company’s success?

Stockman: We work with global clients, so our customer base is extremely diverse, and we need our staff to not only represent an equal level of diversity, but also be sensitive to and appreciative of the value of other cultures and perspectives.

CLDA Mag: Why do you think it was effective?

Stockman: I liked the range of situations presented, as it represented realistic predicaments that I might find myself in, with a clear path to handling them successfully.

CLDA Mag: What changes, if any, did you make to your organization as a result of the information you got from the training?

Stockman: We incorporated quarterly information sessions in the company to touch base with each other about these issues.

CLDA Mag: Would you recommend the training to other members?

Stockman: Yes, I would because it is a great start to introducing the importance of diversity and inclusion values that every company needs. Because of CLDA’s support of the training, it allows members to take advantage of the most affordable training on this subject that we have seen on the market. The value for the dollar is exceptional.

To learn more about Onepak’s ESG initiatives, visit our ESG page.

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