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Meet the next crop of booming circular economy startups

AJ Gonzalez | April 6, 2022

The Fifth Estate,

The Boomerang Labs Accelerator program is supported by the NSW EPA, EY and Bingo Industries. It aims to help innovative circular economy businesses build the skills, partnerships and connections they need to raise capital and grow.

  1. Cercle Co:   Cercle establishes circular systems that negate the need for single use waste in busy CBD environments by understanding human behaviour and introducing convenience based reuse.
  2. Circular:   Circular develops new, circular-economy packaging technologies to help FMCG brands.   It works on R&D and commercialisation of new packaging technologies that eliminates or significantly reduces plastic use, for which it has a suite of patents and provisional patents for.   It generates revenue through the licensing of its IP to both brands and manufacturers.
  3. Feedback Organic:   Feedback Organic is circular economy business based urban farms, offering a closed loop of food-waste-into-food driven by local communities.
  4. Food2soil:   Processes?commercial food?waste?using?biotechnology, ?producing?a high quality,?biologically live liquid fertiliser?and?soil conditioner (a “kombucha” for plants and soil).
  5. GrainOut:   GrainOut manages food and by-product waste.
  6. Generous and Grateful:   A double-sided marketplace that connects excess essential bulky furniture and white goods with people in need
  7. Green Furniture Hub:   Redirects surplus office furniture and fit-out items from real estate projects away from landfill to other organisations
  8. Ownershift:   Partners with Australia’s most innovative fashion brands to enable their take-back program and branded re-commerce store.
  9. ReCo:   A local refill delivery service to help consumers reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions.   It uses a local delivery and collection system ? it offers refills in reusable jars, delivers to consumers and collects empty jars at the same time.   We’ll refill a range of products from established brands, including eco-friendly cleaning products, organic dried foods and health supplements.

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