It’s time to transform reverse logistics

AJ Gonzalez | March 3, 2022

Logitics Management, Mike Reiss and Herman Guzman-Carranza, Accenture Supply Chain & Operations · March 2, 2022

Reverse logistics can no longer be considered a standalone capability. It should be seamlessly incorporated into the end-to-end supply chain as a standard process—contributing to the delivery of a superior customer experience while being mindful of cost and sustainability impacts.

Three core areas driving reverse logistics

  1. Retail e-commerce
  2. Assets-as-a-service
  3. Sustainability

Reverse logistics comes at a high price

Electronic consumer products, such as laptops, table, and mobile phones…—experience the highest reverse logistic cost per item.   These costs are 15 times higher than other product segments due to additional services required, such as testing, refurbishing,…–in addition to size and other expenses.

Key actions for transforming reverse

Companies need to determine how to make the returns process customer-friendly while being mindful of the total cost of returns and environmental impact

Embed sustainability in the core with circularity.   Without full visibility of total costs, root causes of the product returns and decisions related to them are made on improvised basis—driving inefficient and negative sustainable outcomes.


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