Fishing Industry Can Save Sharks and Seafood with LED Lights

AJ Gonzalez | March 23, 2022

Bloomberg Green,  By

LED lights, when attached to fishing nets, dramatically reduce the incidental killing of sharks and other top predators that help keep marine ecosystems healthy and seafood on dinner plates.

  • Global shark populations have plummeted 71% since 1970, largely due to overfishing and the inadvertent capture of the species in fishing nets.
  • The biomass of this “bycatch” of sharks and rays, however, fell 95% when researchers placed green LED lights on more than 16,000 feet of nets off Mexico’s Pacific coast.
  • That included a 51% drop in the killing of endangered loggerhead turtles and an 81% drop in the capture of giant Humboldt squid.
  • Fishers improved their productivity as they spent 57% less time untangling unwanted species from their nets.

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