Case Studies

Onepak Provides Electronics OEM with Global Platform for Takeback Management

In the course of operating their commercial and consumer takeback systems, large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the electronics industry are tasked with managing thousands of shipment .... Read More

Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlining Remote Employee Asset Returns for a Multinational

Whether a company buys or leases IT assets, at the end of the primary lifecycle the objective is the same: get the asset back in good condition in a timely manner. But that task often becomes considerably more complicated when it involves employees working remotely, either out of their home or tr .... Read More

An Airline Transforms Its Lease Return Process

Leasing office equipment for large enterprises can be a complicated process. Large companies have multiple locations with a range of assets, and equipment is often switched out mid-lease, so the asset-level data can be incorrect when the return authorization (RA) is issued. Many corporate asset m .... Read More

An Auto Manufacturer Gains Control of IT Assets

A Fortune 50 global manufacturer in the auto industry thought it had adequately planned for the disposal of its IT assets. It chose a vendor that would arrange for the pickup, shipping and disposal of its assets but the vendor didn’t offer much visibility into the process, with no chain of cust .... Read More

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