Booming e-waste and how repair incentives can help keep goods out of landfills

AJ Gonzalez | January 11, 2022

The World Economic Forum writes that the world is predicted to produce 75 million metric tonnes of e-waste by 2030 per the UN Global E-waste Monitor Report.   In response, free repair cafes and government incentives are popping up across the globe.

The Oeko-Institut in Germany sustains:

Consequently, incentives are appearing as:

  1. Repair Bonuses: Austria and the German state of Thuringia introduced a publicly financed repair bonus to reimburse consumers for part of their costs.
  2. Repair Cafes: Run by volunteers, encourage consumers to bring in their products.  In Belgium, the cafes can assist in improving the fit and appearance of clothing.
  3. Right to Repair Laws: France passed the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC) in 2020.

Link to the full article.

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