OnePak Wins Dell’s Best Creative Thinking Partner Award

OnePak is the winner of the Best Creative Thinking partner award for Deployment and Partner Services!  OnePak is truly innovative about supporting our Global Takeback business and solving complex return stream challenges. OnePak developed a global tool to track customer asset collections, a phone app to customize driver training, and a barcode tracking process to resolve potential discrepancy issues. OnePak continues to be a game-changer for Dell! Congratulations OnePak!


(Picture: from left to right)

Bob Feiner
Senior VP
Dell Global Services

Steve Andon
CEO & Founder

Sam Roach
UX/Design Director

Cris Villanueva
Senior Director
Dell Global TakeBack

Doug Schmitt
Dell Technologies

Asset Technologies for Reusable Packaging – Panel Discussion

The Reusable Packaging Association and its members offer easy-to-find reusable solutions for businesses seeking products and information to support their sustainable, high-performing and waste-eliminating supply chains. OnePak’s own Shawn Stockman moderates a panel discussion at the RPA’s 2019 Pack Expo, with a focus on using technologies for the identification, monitoring and tracking of reusable packaging products. Joined by panelists representing¬†AT&T IoT, Paxxal Inc. and C2it, Shawn shares industry insights from Listen in to learn more about technology applications and trends for reusable packaging and insights on what the future holds for value-added technology features.

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Phone: (888) 625-6116

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