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4 Reasons to Gain Control of your ITAD Logistics

Shawn Stockman | December 20, 2021

Four reasons to gain control of your ITAD logistics – A new white paper from Onepak

For IT asset managers, one of the most common practices in IT asset disposition is also one of the riskiest. Most ITAD providers bundle logistics into their service offering for the sake of simplicity and convenience to their customers. However, the downsides of this practice can outweigh the benefits.

Just as we might rely on a general contractor building a house to hire competent subcontractors, we count on the ITAD providers to work with logistics providers to take care of assets from pickup through delivery. But each time a company hires another company there is a little more disconnection and loss of visibility and control. And often there are more disputes.

If the two parties are not tightly integrated, there are likely to be gaps in com- munication and blind spots. How do you know how many assets were picked up—or which ones? How do you know that some of them didn’t get broken or lost in transit? How do you know the true costs of logistics as separate from the value of your assets?

  1. Asset Tracking

The importance of tracking IT assets from the point of pickup is rarely disputed. From the time assets leave a company’s facility, visibility is a key issue for an IT asset manager (ITAM). And an ITAM’s visibility is solely a function of the ITAD provider’s capability for transparency. The reality is that very few ITAD providers actually perform their own logistics—they outsource it—and that’s the first disconnect.

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