17 innovators helping accelerate the transition to a global circular economy

AJ Gonzalez | April 21, 2022

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The Circulars Accelerator, a programme led by Accenture in partnership with Anglo American and Ecolab, is looking to source innovative solutions that advance the transition to a global circular economy.

  1. Aquacycl has developed a modular, onsite wastewater treatment technology that reduces up to 90% of organic carbon and reduces wastewater management costs by 20% to 60%. The technology can then generate direct electricity from ultra-high strength organic wastewater.
  2. Done Properly is a biotechnology company with a patent-pending proprietary fermentation technology which upcycles industrial by-products into a new generation of 100% natural ingredients.
  3. ECOLOO is an award-winning, patented, off-grid, water-free and energy-free toilet. ECOLOO makes use of bacterial culture to process human waste into odour-free and sanitized fertilizer.
  4. GreenPlat is a technology company that offers an online Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) software, accelerating sustainable production and reverse logistics management.
  5. Green Mining has developed an intelligent reverse logistics technology to recover post-consumer packaging before it reaches landfill, tracking material flows digitally to efficiently retrieve post-consumer packaging and bring it back into the production cycle.
  6. I-Drop designs, builds and installs self-service, purified and connected refill drinking water dispensers based on circular economy principles.
  7. Kudoti offers a digital platform that tracks waste supply chains end-to-end in real time, matching it with demand from recyclers to boost recycling rates.
  8. Lizee provides software as a service (SaaS) and certified logistics services for brands and retailers to quickly deploy and scale their most powerful re-commerce offers.
  9. Mr. Green Africa has built a tech-driven plastics recycling system which recycles plastic-waste into high-quality raw materials.
  10. Mycocyle is a patent-pending Process as a Service (PaaS) using fungi to remove toxins from landfill-bound waste, creating a renewable biomaterial that can be used to manufacture new products and reduce carbon output.
  11. Polycare is a circular construction company, which licences the technology to produce ‘Polyblocks’, reusable, zero-waste building blocks made of circular inputs and stronger than conventional concrete.
  12. Queen of Raw is a blockchain enabled marketplace for deadstock fabric, connecting underutilized textile resources with demand while reducing costs, carbon emissions and waste.
  13. RE develop smart returnable packaging as a service that brands can lease, and consumers can use and return for reuse or refill instead of adding to landfill.
  14. Reflauntis a technology company that helps brands and consumers to resell their branded clothing without having to leave the brand’s website.
  15. Rice Afrika is a technology platform that connects all stakeholders across the Nigerian rice value chain, providing rural farmers with modern, eco-friendly, and efficient harvesting machines to cut exploitation and waste.
  16. Saathi has developed a patented technology to make biodegradable sanitary pads using banana and bamboo fibres taken from agricultural waste.
  17. Topolytics is a data aggregation and analytics business that helps organisations analyse and track their waste, helping to make the world’s waste visible, verifiable and valuable.


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